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    Please post your forum comments for Luke


    Nicole Villalobos

    The book of Luke is yet another synoptic gospel written by Luke the physician and disciple of Jesus. Luke portrays and shows Jesus as the Son of Man, and is written with the Greek mindset. We see Luke give is the central message of his gospel as,”for the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which was lost.” Luke deals with the humanity of our Lord and makes him more relatable for us as humans than any other gospel account. We see more of Christ’s human feelings more here than any other account as well. We see Christ’s boyhood, and eventually manhood, his ministry, journey to Jerusalem, and His sacrifice and resurrection. We also see an account of Christ’s genealogy through Mary. We see Luke tracing Christ back to Adam up until His appearing in the human race.  Luke shows how Jesus was dependent upon prayers in his humanity. Christ was fully human and fully God yet Luke found it important to highlight Jesus’s prayer life. This shows us that we as humans need to be utterly and solely dependent on God in prayer as well.


    Ricardo Sanchez

    The gospel of Luke presents Jesus Christ as the Son of Man while he writes to the Greek mindset. Reading the book of Luke he emphasizes building a prayerful relationship with Our Father. He shows Our Lord and Savior dependency on prayer with the Father. While reading the book of Luke, one chapter that comes to mind is 13:1-3 which states: “At that time, some people came and reported to Him about the Galileans, whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifice. And He responded to them, ‘Do you think that these Galileans were more sinful than all other Galileans because they suffered these things? No, I tell you but unless you repent, you will all perish as well”. Don’t be concerned about the way people were persecuted and killed, concern yourself with repenting your sins and following our Lord and Savior.


    Wendy Avila

    Luke is a companion of Paul at Troas.  Luke states the Prayer life of Jesus which is called the Gospel of Prayer. Luke shares many examples reference to women, in the examples you see the compassion that women place in Jesus’s heart.


    Stephanie Shook

    Luke was a Gentile the theme of Like’s gospel is the humanity of Jesus. It shows us that Jesus is not only the Son of God He is the Son of Man too. Luke’s gospel is the longest of the Gospels containing material  not found in others like Jesus childhood and his one year ministry through Samaria and Berea leading to His final journey to Jerusalem. Luke invites us to see the humanity of Jesus threw his birth,childhood,and his ministry


    Diane Martinez

    The book of Luke is the third gospel account of Jesus’s life and His ministry while he was here. Luke was a physician and he tells his account of Jesus’s life from a human’s perspective. His stories about What Jesus did for His people come from a place of compassion. He shows the love and concern Jesus had for the people. He shows how Jesus loved the people. Jesus hells so many people because He cared. Luke refers to Jesus as “the son of man”.


    Evelia McMahon

    <span id=”docs-internal-guid-9ee4f167-7fff-9432-bba7-5618dff47726″><span style=”font-size: 11pt; font-family: Arial; color: #000000; background-color: transparent; font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;”>Luke was a physician and in his book we see Jesus as the Son of Man.  He describes the birth, childhood, adulthood, ministry in different towns and his sacrifice.  Luke makes it a point to tell us Jesus prayed; therefore if he prayed so should we.   Some of the places and ways he prayed are as follows; Jesus withdrew to pray, he prayed all night, he prayed alone, he prayed at transfiguration, he prayed for us, and he prayed on the cross.   Luke also mentions Jesus’ interaction with many women such as the woman having 10 pieces of silver, Anna and her adoration of the Lord, Martha and her trouble about many things and Mary Magdalene after the resurrection, Jesus appeared to her first.  Luke was not one of Jesus’ twelve disciples but was chosen by God to write one of the gospels.  Jesus was the fulfillment of the old testament.</span></span>


    Brooke Percy

    The Gospel of Luke really focuses on how we are all sinners in need of repentance, and in the beginning of his version of the Gospels, he goes through accurate eyewitness accounts in order to prove from his point of view that Jesus Christ truly was very real. He goes through the birth, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus’ life in that order. And one thing that separates the Gospel of Luke from the other three Gospels is that he has many of Jesus’ teachings in a more specified depth than the others and contains more material than the rest. In this Gospel it is also both emphasized and noted that Jesus is our friend and that He is friend of all kinds, not just specific types of people or specific types of ethnicities, regions, beliefs etc. but to everyone and that He loves us all and was sent to serve and save us all.


    Michelle Chow

    In the book of Luke, he gives us the most complete look at the life, work and resurrection of Jesus. Luke was a traveling companion of the Apostle Paul. He uses eyewitnesses as sources for his writings. He stresses Jesus humanity, considering Luke was a doctor himself and compassion as well as the power of The Holy Spirit and of prayer. The key focus is to emphasize the gospel and help people like you and me understand Jesus’s critical message of salvation. Another key aspect of Luke’s gospel is the importance he gives to groups of people typically in the lower case of society, women, Gentiles, tax collectors, prostitutes, people with leprosy and others with low status. For instance, Luke repeatedly recounts Jesus’s respectful and honorable interactions with women, who in that day were much like property and often belittled, subordinate to men, and not permitted to testify in court or engage in commerce. But Jesus spoke openly and publicly to women in many accounts of his ministry. Several female disciples, including Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna, accompanied and supported Jesus. He healed several women and defended their value. After His resurrection, he appeared to a group of women first. All diversities of people mattered to Jesus.  Through Luke, God teaches us how He is in charge of the world history. Besides the reconciliation through Jesus’ death, Jesus won for us The Holy Spirit who teaches us to witness for Him and follow Him, which is the prime example He set for us.

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    Victor Usher

    From Luke 1:13-1:17 the word was so prophetically spoken that receiving it was a blessing! I read in a commentary on how Mary received the word from Gabriel with gladness compared to how Zechariah received the word from Gabriel doubting. I feel like even in this day an age, or even back then that you’d wanna question the spirit visiting you claiming to be from God or not. Or maybe it’s already sinked into the spirit of the person being visited that the connection of God’s Holy Spirit is there. Luke 1:39-45 is so touching. Baby Jesus leaped for joy in the womb of his mother Mary when John the Baptist was nearby. In Luke 2:18-19 NLT this verse catches my attention. It notes that she kept the matter of the things she heard in her heart. I feel like this relates to me as I feel like I go through this feeling constantly. Since this week of reading Luke, it’s been an eye opener due to the capture. Luke 2:35 is a true statement! It took Mary and Joseph three days to find Jesus. That’s a long time. In Luke 2:51 there goes the heart thing again. Luke certainly had to let the people know that Christ was obedient after what had happened. His response though in Luke 2:49, “But why did you need to search?” he asked. “Didn’t you know that I must be in my Father’s house?” At his age was pure wisdom. I can understand in Luke 5:16 why Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

    The story of the faith of a Roman Officer was astounding. How it was described compared to the other stories concerning this. Eye opener. Also when Jesus had felt genuine love for the widow on the day of her son’s funeral. It was genuine. In Luke 7:29‭-‬30, It’s a heavy verse to process because of the way it was worded. This verse resonates as it brings a reflection on processes in my life and past life. The story of Jesus getting anointed by a sinful woman was a powerful story written by Luke.

    The question Jesus asked Simon in 7:41-42 was interesting as I caught a different perspective from it. Never really paid attention to seeing it the way I did till today. At the end of the book of Luke, I can’t help but deny if I was there with them witnessing this as the details written of the disciples expression has drawn me in while reading this. I look at it like how I would read a different book that isn’t the Bible and that Superior character that everyone liked and they thought was dead actually returned and, surprise plot twist but not really a plot twist because it was already written in scripture beforehand. To end it off, Luke 24:47 just became my favorite verse. Luke was a very good read.


    Kimberly Valverde

    Luke is the third gospel, written by Luke himself to Theophilus. Luke was a physician and longtime companion to Paul. This book is different than the other three gospels in that Luke mentions the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, the childhood of Jesus and adult life pre-ministry, the genealogy of Jesus through Mary, information about Mary’s life, Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, post-resurrection appearances, and the only description of Jesus’ ascension into Heaven.


    Heather Trevino

    Even though The book of Luke is the view point from him and reiterates what Matthew and Mark write about in the 2 books before. Its so cool because you truly get something different from each writer.  The thing that stood out to me in Luke is that Jesus is calling out the Pharisees.  He isn’t just allowing them to say whatever they want. Over and over He is telling parables to them so that there religious minds can comprehend what being a true follower of God looks like.


    Eileen Ahumada

    Luke composed his Gospel from the accounts of several eyewitnesses to Jesus Christ. Luke, a Gentile physician who traveled extensively with the apostle Paul, wrote his Gospel for a man named Theopilus another Gentile believer. After consulting several eyewitnesses and accounts of Jesus life, Luke wrote the accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry. Since both Luke and Theopilus were Gentiles, it is not surprising that this Gospel is very universal to its stories and teachings of Jesus. Luke also highlights Jesus concern for the oppressed and outcast, such as women and the poor, an there is a notable emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit. Luke was careful to give precise dates for the events recorded in his Gospel, beginning with an extensive record of Jesus birth and the only canonical story from Jesus childhood years. Luke arranged his outline of Jesus ministry in the same general order as the gospels of Matthew and Mark and he added a lengthy account of Jesus trop to Jerusalem. After Jesus death and resurrection. The book leaves the disciples rejoicing and waiting for the promised power of God to fill them.


    Michael Trevino

    Luke got his Gospel from the accounts of several eyewitnesses to Jesus Christ. Luke was a Gentile Physician who traveled extensively with the apostle Paul, who wrote his gospel for a man named Theophilus most likely another Gentile believer After consulting several eyewitnesses and accounts of Jesus’ life Luke wrote the fresh account of Jesus’ life and ministry. Luke also highlights Jesus’ concern for the oppressed and outcast, such as women and the poor, and there is notable emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit. Luke was careful to give precise dates for the events recorded in his Gospel beginning with the birth of Jesus. The book leaves the disciples rejoicing and waiting for the promised power of God to fill them.


    Jaime Ahumada

    Luke was a physician by profession (col 4:14) and he was a good friend to Paul and fellow worker ( Phm 24). Luke was a Gentile by birth, He was well educated in the Greek culture. A physician by profession , a companion of Paul. He was with Paul various times from his second missionary journey to Paul’s final imprisonment in Rome. Luke was a loyal fried who remain with the Apostle after others had deserted him (2Tim 4:11)

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