Student Rights and Responsibilities

This statement is designed to clarify those privileges which the student may expect to enjoy as a member of the student body and the obligations which admission to the University places upon the student. Acceptance of admission to Leadership University represents a voluntary decision on the part of the prospective student to participate in the programs offered by the institution pursuant to the policies, rules, and guidelines of the University as established or approved by the TWLU President and Staff. Approval of that application, in turn, represents the extension of a privilege to join the University community and to remain a part of it so long as the student meets the required academic standards and abides by the policies and procedures of the University.

Each student is guaranteed the privilege of exercising his/her rights within University and Federal policies without fear of reprisal. Such rights include the following:

1. Students are free to pursue their educational goals, both inside and outside the classroom. The University provides opportunities for learning through appropriate offerings.

2. Academic evaluation of student performance shall be fair and clear and will not be arbitrary.

3. Free inquiry, expression, and assembly are guaranteed to all students, provided their actions do not interfere with the rights of others or violate established University policies.

4. No disciplinary sanctions may be imposed without adherence to the procedures outlined in this handbook.

5. Members of the University community have the right to expect safety, protection of property, and the continuity of the educational process.

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