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Aurelia Alderson

The Gospel according to Mark in one of the first accounts to Jesus’ life, and our earliest historical traditions links  this books to a Christian scribe named Mark. He was a co-worker with Paul and a close partner with Peter. In fact an ancient church historian recalls Mark collected all of the eyewitness accounts and memories of Peter and then shaped them into this account. But Mark didn’t just randomly throw pieces together, he carefully designed the story of Jesus. In the first line, Mark makes this claim about Jesus: ”Its the beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah the Son of God.” This is the only time Mark tells you what he personally thinks. For the rest of the book, hes going to influence you by simply putting Jesus’ actions and words in front of you and showing you how other people react to Him. Mark designed the story of Jesus with 3 acts, the first one is set in Galilee, the second act shows Jesus on the way from one place to another and the third act is in Jerusalem. In each act there is a repeating theme and that is the good news. The book ends abruptly, by Jesus’ disciples running away in fear. This isn’t the absolute ending but it is where the original story ends, the rest of the book is pulled from a less reliable source, it is possible the last of the book was lost or never finished. But God knows how it should end and maybe that was to make a strategic point of Gods love and upside-down kingdom to reveal Jesus’s actions in dying for the sins of this world.

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