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Roberta Tyler

The Book of John was filled with the importance of people knowing the itis imperative to know the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Additionally, John wanted to lead the people to be resolved in their faith that the works and Words of Jesus are the only way for them to eternal life. And that the power was in the name of Jesus Christ! His Gospel also pointed to the people having the belief in Jesus is essentially how they would have the knowledge of God. John chose to only give account of only seven of Christ’s miracles, proclaiming that these seven miracles were “signs” of Jesus mission. John recounted 2 sides of Jesus’ ministry, His public ministry (Chapters 2 thru 12) for the people, and His private ministry (Chapters 13 thru 21) to His Disciples. John theologically points out how Jesus was pre-existing with God in deity, and His incarnate state in the flesh of a human. John also gives a important and unique distinction to the Holy Spirit at work with Jesus. John calls Him, an Advocate and a Comforter distinguishing that the Holy Spirit work beside Jesus throughout is ministry. The Book of John gave me new insights about Jesus ministry. And that of the significance and essence of how we must worship God. I learned that it is imperative for us to be endowed with the Holy Spirit, because this is the only way that we can truly (aletheia= in truth) worship Our Father God! (John 4:24) “For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.”

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