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Janina Cuellar

Lesson #7 Mark   jc

<span class=”topsum”><span class=”btext”><span class=”font2″>The Gospel of Mark is to show that the Lord Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God who was sent to suffer and to serve in order to rescue and restore mankind. </span></span></span>
<span class=”topsum”><span class=”btext”><span class=”font2″>Mark is thought to be written between 50 and 55 A.D. for Roman Christians. The Gospels are intended for the Church as a whole, but since Mark used Roman words in place of Greek from an Aramaic translation, it is believed Christians in Rome were the main audience for his work. </span></span></span>
<span class=”topsum”><span class=”btext”><span class=”font2″>He takes a special direction of introducing Jesus as the one with a mission of love and the power to change the world. While other gospels document more parables, Mark shares 21 miracles, 2 of which are unique to his account. </span></span></span>

Jesus healing a deaf man is one of the two unique miracles only documented in the book of Mark. My favorite part of this story is how Jesus led the deaf man away from the crowd to a quiet place. How beneficial would it be in your life if you came away from the noise of familiarity and limitation and got connected with faith? Jesus healing a blind man is the second unique miracle to the book of Mark. Note how both of these miracles run with Mark’s theme of faith and mercy. Jesus demonstrating for the disciples that there are certain demons that must only be cast out by faith. Specifically, by “fasting and prayer.

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