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Titus and Philemon

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    Chris Villalobos

    The book of Titus reminds us of the need for sound doctrine in the church. Its not always easy and popular to do what is right but the grace and strength to carry it out is given to us by God. A big reason that sound doctrine is required is to keep order in the church.

    The book of Philemon is somewhat a small snapshot of the gospel. It reminds us of the forgiveness we must extend to those who have hurt us in order to be able to move forward in our walk. When we are able to do that transformation within our heart and spirit take place. Allowing us to see those that hurt us in a new light; as brothers and sisters in Christ. When we see them in that manner we begin to have a greater appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus carried out on the cross, when he was telling the enemy to put it on his tab.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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