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The New Numbering

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    Nicole Villalobos

    Numbers is an all encompassing book in that it displays the decency and order of God. We see His decency in his direction and guidance of the children of Israel, as well as in his deliverance to them. We see his sovereign grace over them as their was wilderness wanderings going on. It’s in this wilderness wandering we see his order as he allows the transition from the old to the new generation finally allowing or the delay to be over. His order is also omnipresent in how he orchestrates a particular number for the beginning and ending of the forty year ordeal. This speaks to God’s all knowing ability to have the beginning to the end already predestined. This predestination is what helps to solidify our eternal security in Christ. After all he has numbered our every hair on our head, it’s no wonder that a whole book is devoted to numbers.

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