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The Book of Jeremiah / Lamentations

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    Troy Percy

    The Book of Jeremiah starts off with Jeremiah’s call and commission. Such as: The almond branch and boiling pot and how God used Jeremiah to warn the people of Israel to repent and turn from their evil ways. If they didn’t, judgement and punishment would come down on them in the form of destruction and war into captivity. Jeremiah continued to warn them about invasion and destruction of Jerusalem. The enemy from the north, the message at the temple gate into Jeremiah’s prayer, the drought and a prayer for mercy, the potter and the clay, the broken jar, his message to Zedekiah, prophecy of the captivity, Babylon will be judged – liberation from captivity promised Jeremiah’s prophecy against Philistia. Moab, Amon, Adon, Demascus, Alom and Babylon. And Babylon being judged for the sins against Israel and finally into the fall of Jerusalem.
    the book of lamentations starts off with Jeremiah’s prophetic prospective through poems, what he is experiencing. First going into detail about the sorrows of Zion and God’s anger over Israel. Jeremiah sharing in Israel’s misery, the hope of relief in God’s mercy, the distress of the siege described and finally into a prayer for mercy.

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