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The book of Genesis – April Sanchez #351

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    April Sanchez

    The book of Genesis, Genesis meaning is the origin, this book is about the beginning. The most important theme in the book of Genesis is God’s love for humans and his involvement in our lives. Earth shall be blessed however humans and its descendants have a special role in God’s plan for all humanity.  Genesis is a story of God’s creation, God-created the universe and all life and he was pleased with his work.  He gave people the responsibility to take care of his creations.

    God created Earth and gave it to man who he made in his image to rule, but man always falls short of God’s expectations. So God punishes man as an example in two particularly:

    1) in the fall in the garden of Eden

    2) In the case of the Noahic flooding.

    God’s chosen people is Isreal and does whatever he see fits. God spoke he will make Isreal a great nation & he will bless them and make their name great and who dishonors them he will curse them and their family.  God’s has created the world of order and some humans shatter it when people turn away from him. Amen.

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