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The Book of Daniel

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    Brooke Percy

    Daniel was one of the few ordered by the king to be pulled from nobility or royalty without defect to serve them. Now king nebuchadnezzar had a dream that nobody else in his own original court could tell him what he had dreamt or the interpretation of it until Daniel steps up and tells him what God has spoken to him through a dream and he interpreted everything that he had seen as well.  This is when the king elevated his stature quickly, and as Daniel grew he continued to predict and prophesy to the king the rise and the downfall of his kingdom until it was reinstated once he claimed God as Lord over all. As time passed throughout the book of Daniel they as a group refused to bow down to man, so we see the story of the Fiery furnace as well as Daniel being caged in the lion’s den overnight and surviving a night with wild and ravageous beasts. This came about as the other administrators and satraps working under the king became jealous of Daniel’s prophetic gifting from God. They could find no flaw in Daniel and wanted to rid the kingdom of him, so  they conned the king into creating a law stating that people couldn’t pray to any God or human aside from the king for 30 days knowing that he prayed daily and wouldn’t turn his face from his and our one and only God. So he survived the Lion’s den, and on top of all of that at the end of the book of Daniel he had a vision of Israel’s future into shedding revelation on all of the things to come.

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