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Revelation Part I – Hope for Paradise

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    Timothea Galoner

    Hope for the faithful in Jesus Christ is laid out for us in Revelation.  The pain and tears and death no longer hold us down.  We are (after Chapter 3) with the Lord forever.  There is such security in that last part of the sentence.  “With the Lord forever.”  I long for that day but I ache for the world to find Jesus.  There are several ways Christians look at Revelation: some think that all of the events have already happened (Preterist interpretation); some believe that it is simply a panorama of the history of the church, starting from the days of John (Historically Continuous Interpretation); others look at it as a symbol of the struggle between good and evil and do not take the Bible as literal (Spiritualizers).  I do take the Bible as literal and believe that the future is unveiled in the fourth chapter, these things are yet to come, therefore I am considered a “Futurist Interpretationist.”  Hope for the future begins the moment one accepts Christ.  We will all be able to experience what Adam and Eve did.  How divine!

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