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Psalms – Praise Ye The Lord Forevermore!

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    Timothea Galoner

    The greatness of this book lays in the timeless expression of human emotion that reaches to heaven to touch the heart of God.  It is poetry, in years of old and even today, set to music in some instance.  It is raw utterance of the destinations of experiences about God laid bare in the map of the heart.  The psalmists, even in the depths of despair, hold true to the central message of this important section of scripture:  Praise ye the Lord!!!  Mostly written by David, the Patriarch of faith – the man after God’s own heart – the Psalms consist of five books, which is said to be the “five-fold Book of the Congregation Jehovah, even as Moses brought forth from God the Pentateuch, said to be the “five-fold Book of Jehovah to the Congregation.”  So, first God speaks to His people in Genesis to Deuteronomy, then, in Psalms, His people speak to Him in worship and praise.  I have read them day after day and year after year and I cannot get enough.  Each time I glean a new promise, an unexplored thought, or a deeper understanding of God.  I am insatiably hungry for God to speak to me and He often does through the Psalms.  Where does my help come from?  “My help cometh from the LORD, Which made heaven and earth.” Ps 121:2  It touched my heart when our Through the Bible in One Year book stated that Psalm 22 tells us what Jesus thought and said on the cross.  It gave me great pause when I realized the agony he suffered is written for us to see.  How can one not fall in love with a Savior that would go to that length to show His love for me?? Yes, Praise ye the Lord, forevermore!

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