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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, & Songs of Solomon

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    Victor Usher


    The book of proverbs are a list of wise sayings. Something I read personally everyday. The intention behind this book was made for young adults. Wise sayings, wise advice so that generation doesn’t have to make the same mistakes previous generations made, but overall a list of sayings to get the people to think consciously.



    The book of Ecclesiastes sums up that everything is meaningless under the sun. Solomon was the riches man there ever was & did so many things, probably everything he ever wanted, and had everything he ever wanted. In this experience, he realized, that nothing of what he has done or has, equates to the understanding of God.


    Song of Solomon:


    The songs of Solomon are about love,

    and it’s honestly some top notch stuff,

    Some of the scriptures are obviously songs,

    Loving unconditionally, where there aren’t any wrongs,

    Solomon uses analogies

    A kind of love that’s different than SpongeBob and crabby patties,

    It’s descriptively poetic,


    A love that’s authentic

    The love between a man and his wife,

    How beautifully nice.

    – Victor Usher


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