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    Stephanie Shook


    wow I love proverbs I could read it over and over so many practical words to help in our every day life the same wisdom worked them and now. It is definitely a book of wisdom we must apply the knowledge learned in these verses. God says we must have this knowledge to live successful lives these principals apply to all people. . I think this book encourages us to look to God as the source of all . It would do us all good to follow the lessons learned in this book


    In this bool Solomon tries to find happiness and meaning of life in things and people and wealth but in the end he comes to the conclusion that the only true answer to contentment is God. He said many times this life is meaningless but then realized that life is to be enjoyed to its fullest and running over He realized life is a true gift from God the Father. He was the wises riches man but he found that God must be the center of our lives God gives him purpose and happiness fulfillment.

    Song of song

    wow what a beautiful love story how life would be different for so many couples if we thought of one another in this beautiful way and spoke so kindly of our mates.This book is strong in marital wisdom it encourages a husband to look his wife in the eyes and tell her all he loves and admires about her it teaches us to praise and encourage each other in our love relationship. It teaches wives speak gentle words of respect onto your husbands ear remind them often of how wonderful they are and how you love so many things about them. this book also describes the relationship between Christ and the Church


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