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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

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    Maricela Lopez

    Proverbs is full of wisdom for our daily lives and the relationships we have with people. There are 31 proverbs we can read one a day for a month and continue on every month, that way we will be ready when a situation arises and we need to check our attitudes and intentions of our hearts. If we want to have a peaceful life that pleases God we must put these into practice and people may also see Jesus in us.

    Ecclesiastes is a book I can relate to Solomon the wisest and riches man that ever lived, had and did everything under the sun, but when he was apart from God none of it had any meaning, purpose, or fulfillment. When I reached every goal I thought would make me happy I was still left with an emptiness inside I would tell myself that when I was old I would seek God after I had done all I wanted, but I couldn’t wait that long I got to a point where I could no longer go on without Him.

    Song of Solomon is a love poem that depicts the love between a husband and wife, it also parallels the love of God and His people Israel, and between Christ and His church.

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