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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Book of Songs

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    Troy Percy

    The book of proverbs is 31 chapters from king Solomon the son of king David. Solomon is widely known as one of the smartest, wisest men to have ever lived. He teaches us skillful and Godly wisdom and instructs wise self behavior and self disciplines. He goes on to explain the importance of having wisdom in everything and every situation; the pitfalls of immorality and the importance of parental council into the contrast of the righteous and wicked into precepts and warning not to be envious of evil men nor to desire to be with them for their minds plot violence. Then he finally goes into the description of a worthy woman.

    The book of Ecclesiastes starts off talking about the futility of endeavors, wisdom, pleasure and possessions. Then how wisdom excels folly and how God sets eternity into the heart of man. And all the evils of oppression into your attitude towards God, the folly of riches, the futility of life obeying rulers, how all men are in the hands of God and finally it ends by telling us to remember also your creator in the days of your youth because you are not your own but His.

    The book o the song of Solomon is summed up as exactly what it sounds like. It is 8 chapters of a love song of Solomon and his bride. It talks about Solomon the lover, his bride’s troubled dream, their wedding and the torment of separation. Mutual delight in each other; it is a love song expressing the love that Solomon has for his bride.

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