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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes – B. Willis

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    Brigitte Willis

    Proverbs is such a powerful and insightful book. It teaches me, disciplines me, encourages me, and warns me. As I read it, I have lots of “ooooh” moments where I realize some powerful life truths. Especially on what to expect from wicked people, so I shouldn’t be surprised at their actions. It makes me sad for wicked people and foolish people, and encouraged to seek wisdom and understanding for myself, and to use discretion with my words, and of course, to seek God in everything.

    Ecclesiastes was a sad read for me. It was like reading the diary of a depressed man, separated from God who doesn’t see beauty and light of God in this world. I feel bad for Solomon. He received so many blessings from the Lord, including amazing wisdom, and still he wandered from God. As he states at the end of the book, I am encouraged to always fear the Lord and stay close to Him so that I can be obedient. If someone as wise as Solomon can fall away, then we all can fall out of relationship with God.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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