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Proverbs Ecc and Song of Solomon

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    Moses Guzman

    Proverbs is a book of wisdom literature on how to live a good life. Wisdom was with God from the beginning. Wisdom is considered an attribute of God. Proverbs is all about a good moral way of living. In the book of Proverbs wisdom is a woman… (what lol) a female narrative with much wisdom. Love scripture that says fear of the Lord is the foundation for wisdom. The book of proverbs is a wise guidance for your day to day life. Being wise has benefits such as a long life, do things better and just over all live a much better, peaceful and rewarding life.

    Ecclesiastes is another book wisdom literature. The book talks about how life is very short how life is temporary and fleeting. It also talks about life being like a paradox or like an enigma of some sort. The book also talks about death and how e are all the same dont matter if we are wise poor have made bad mistakes rich or anything like that.

    Songs of Solomon talks in a female narrative but here and there it jumps into a male one. It talks about this romance between this female and male shepard that are constantly seeking and finding each other. The book of songs of Solomon is a chapters of love poems.

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