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Numbers – Living a ‘Holier Life’

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    Brooke Percy

    We’re continuing on with Moses’ story which is one of my personal favorites by the way – and he is leading people through the trials and tribulations of the struggles of going from a sin filled life with no responsibility or high standard to trying to adapt the people to live a Holier lifestyle under God. People are sinning; giving into sexual immorality, blaspheming God, complaining about being brought out of Egypt and about wanting different foods than which they have been blessed to have been given, even the water. They always have something to complain about instead of being thankful that they aren’t in confinement, encampment, or slavery anymore. And as i’m writing this I just sit here and wonder – how many of us know people like this? How many of us feel like we can’t continue beating a dead horse trying to lead it to water when it doesn’t even allow you to lead it so that it can drink it? People have to want life, to choose life instead of living comfortably and unaccountably under their own sins because you can’t be a conqueror in a fight that your losing, you’ll always be under it.  Yes, it’s easier to live a sin filled life than it is to live a Holy life walking by the fear of God, is it not? But it’s also not worth everything you lose by the weight of the sin that the devil tries to make you feel isn’t that heavy yet it’s a fixed fight; he holds the weight so that it continues to pile up, and as you become more and more indebted to him he continues to trick you into thinking that one day you won’t feel empty, one day my sins will fill the time you realize it that’s not the case, isn’t it too late? You feel like you’re in too deep. Like there’s no possible way you’ll ever be able to get yourself out of it. In comparison to all that you’d gain for your sacrifices through Christ; for we are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us – no matter the cost, no matter the call, no matter the struggle, no matter the time for servitude, it’s worth His love, it’s worth His flow of living waters – there is no amount of sacrifice that isn’t worth the walk with God into Eternity when you have been spiritually touched by God.

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