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LEVITICUS: Rituals, Festivals, Worshipping, and Rules to Every Day Life

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    Brooke Percy

    Leviticus was a chapter based off of instruction given by God to Moses for the Isrealite’s to follow, and it honestly can be broken down into two ways that the instruction was given. You can break it down into the first way being the rituals that the people needed to perform as they worshipped the Lord their God; animals that they needed to sacrifice in atonement for their sins and what sacrifice will suffice for what crime, circumstance, etc. Through rituals and worshipping the Lord their God they are able to access God through the High Priest Aaron, and through Moses. This also included the Festivals that needed to take place for them to worship the Lord their God. Then there were also practical guidelines and rules for everyday life, and sacrifices, vengeance, or debts to pay back to their neighbor or even serve as a way of authority or accountability over people and crimes that they knowingly commit. This instruction allowed a process to be made to ensure that people were held responsible for the crimes in which they had committed amongst the people themselves, and to serve under the Lord their God, which allowed simply everyday life to run smoothly.

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