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    Deborah Equels

    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Week # 3 Book of Leviticus: Lesson # 3</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>In the book of Leviticus tell how the Lord continue to give laws and instructions to Moses. The book’s name is related to the word “Levite” a term referring to a person who belonged to the tribe of Levi. Levites were to be special servants of the Lord at the scared tent, Much of the book deals with the responsibility of the priest and other Levites. For example, sacrificed, gifts to the Lord, and religious festivals, this book also contains laws about what animals could be used for food, what materials could be used for clothing, and how to care for the poor. Furthermore, sacrifice’s in the Old Testament were designed by God as a way for his people to ask for forgiveness for there sins, an attitude of grateful appreciation was the intended results. When Jesus died on the cross, he became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He took our place. In a real way, It should have been us paying the price for our sins, but Jesus willingly gave up his life for us. What an awesome God to sacrifice his son to take our place.</p>

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