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    Ofelia Herrera

    I love this book of offerings. It is a prelude to the greatest offering that God had all planned out from the beginning of time. In chapter 4, the Lord says, “When anyone sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands-“. Who knows me better than my father who created me to be like him, who breathed life into me, and who has perfect plans for my life? This is yet another way that our father teaches us to humble ourselves and repent because only he knows our heart. We must live for Jesus, our sinless offer. Interesting to me is also the differences that increase when it comes to men and women. God created us uniquely yet in unison. The different rules given to women and men or the details given even in childbirth from having a girl or a boy, are still significant and rampant to this day. I myself have only three sons and I long for a daughter. However, I have found myself saying, “Thank God I don’t have a daughter that will suffer the things I have”. I am healed and whole now so I am expecting that God will give me an amazing husband who is a man of God that I can have a daughter with to teach my boys and my daughter just how much God loves us.

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