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Kings I & II – CR

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    Claudia Rodriguez

    1 Kings records the division of the united kingdom of Saul, David and Solomon into two kingdoms.   Israel and Judah.  2 Kings records the collapse or captivity of Judah and Israel.  Northern Kingdom  had 10 tribes- Samaria . Southern Kingdom 2 tribes. Jerusalem.    The Central message of Kings is unknown.  The main message is division because of disobedience.     It also talks about the 40 year reign of King Solomon.  Solomon prays for wisdom and understanding   that can be found under 1 King 3:5 – 13.  The book of King 2  is about the captivities.   Southern kingdom of Judah goes into the Babylonia captivity.    There were 19 kings that reign over all. Lord Jesus Christ makes David  a king and is called the son of the most high.

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