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    Angelita Madrigal


    I learned that no matter how much we feel that were not good enough our strong enough to do something, if its coming from God that with his strength anything and everything is possible. When its coming from Him that means that he has all the faith that we are the right one and the chosen one to get the job done no matter how little our confidence in our selves is or how many people will be there to help. Two is better than none and greater than many.



    I love this book. It shows how Ruth even after the death of her husband she still summits to her husband. After the death of her husband she could of left back to her fathers house and remarried someone else with out any worries. But no she didn’t, she stayed true and faithful to her mother in law who also lost her husband. So the two women went back to Naomi’s, the mother in law of Ruth, home town and there Ruth stayed faithful and did everything she can to help her mother in law.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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