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Judges & Ruth – Richard Vara

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    Richard Vara

    Judges was an interesting book to me when I read it. As I read, I kept thinking to myself why the Israelites kept doing what they were doing? After being oppressed and delivered over-and-over. Why didn’t they learn from the last time they suffered at the hands of foreign kings, and it occurred over a length of time between 7 to 40 years at a time? Why didn’t they learn from they’re mistakes?
    Then God revealed to me as I read, “Why didn’t you learn from your mistakes?” See, God told me the same thing. Why did it take me so long to find out what I know now? Thank you Lord for your mercy on my life, for not giving up on me when I gave up on You! Now my eyes are open to the truth and the Good News is that I can be set free from my oppression, my sinful ways, and focus on being obedient to the Lord! Amen.
    Ruth was a touching story about commitment to someone who was broken, lost, empty, lonely. That’s how I picture Naomi. Ruth didn’t abandon her. She stayed by Naomi’s side and Ruth’s compassion showed and was on display for other to see and she was rewarded even as a foreigner herself when they were in Bethlehem. We should operate as if everyone is watching. We are walking, breathing, living testimonies for other to see and pray that they can see how God works in our lives and encourage others to submit to Christ as well.

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