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Judges & Ruth Redeemed Royalty

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    Nicole Villalobos

    Both Judges and Ruth have the restorative undertones of redemption from kinsman redeemers. Judges shows how God brought deliverance to Israel after the death of Joshua. It’s a recovery and rescue mission on behalf of God to yet again save his people from great apostasy. We see his tender mercies being carried out as he places man to be used as a vessel to help bring order and a return back to him. We see Ruth being raised up to reestablish the bloodline of Jesus, whom without Ruth, the lineage of Jesus would not be complete. God’s redemption is again at play here to reinstate Ruth’s position and inheritance amidst her disqualifications. Both Judges and Ruth show us our kinsman redeemer and how Jesus so lovingly went after us to save us from certain death, only to reinstate us back to royal stature.We truly are redeemed royalty

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