Judges & Ruth

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    Troy Percy

    The book of judges starts off with continuing conquests of Canaan; the incomplete conquest of the land of disobedience of Israel. The song of Deborah, the Midianites oppressing Israel, The rise of Gideon, the 300 men to subdue the Midianites and the death of Gideon. Israel becomes oppressed again, then the birth of Samson his Phillistine wife and how he defeats the Phillistines. The story of Samson and Delilah and how she betrays him into the death of Samson. How he took out the Phillistines with him into the war of Israel and the Benjamites and the wives provided for them, the Benjamites. For the Book of Ruth, Ebimelech’s family goes to Moab. Naomi returns with Ruth; Ruth met Boaz as a widow and he redeems Ruth which further explains the descendants of their family line.

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