Judges & Ruth

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    James McGilberry

    The book of Judges is a visual depiction of the life that the Israelites lived in the promise land.  Following the death of Joshua.  To the rise of the monarchy in the promised land.  The title of the book of Judges also refers to the leaders that Israel had from the time that the elders outlived Joshua.  Until the beginning of the monarchy in the promised land. The Lord raised up raiders to take them out of the hands of the raiders. It was in fact God who allowed oppressions and also oppositions, and it was God who raised up deliverers.  To free the inhabitants of the promised land. Who was bound by sin an d also rebellion.  It was God who became their ultimate judge and also their ultimate champion as well!   The Book of Ruth is named after one of it’s main characters.  Ruth was a young woman who lived in Moab and she is the Great Grandmother of King David.  Which is also the lineage of Jesus!  Ruth was considered a virtuous woman. The book of Ruth is also set in the time of Judges. This time period was a time of religious and also moral immorality.  The book of Ruth also paints a picture of Christ as our redeemer. Boaz is the closest depiction or representation. That we were given as a tangible representation of Christ.  Due the fact that God used Boaz. To be a kinsman redeemer to Ruth!

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