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Judges and Ruth Patricia Ibarra

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    Patricia Ibarra

    Judges gets its name from the fact that it is about the 13 Judges that judged Israel. Since Israel had no king the people did whatever seemed right to them. They compromised Gods commands so they failed in obeying them.

    There can be no compromise when we are following our Lord.

    There are six instances the the “people did evil in the Lords sight” the are called apostasies. An apostasy is the  abandonment or renunciation or a religious or political belief. Each time the Lord punished them but he also saved them when they cried out to Him for help.

    The similarity between the Israelites and our current world is undeniable. Even we as believers will go from obeying the Lord to going back to doing things our way. We get in trouble call out to the Lord and he saves us.

    Thank you Lord for always being merciful to us.

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