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Judges and Ruth – Claudia R

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    Claudia Rodriguez

    The book of Judges talks about how the people raised up as judges to deliver Israel in a time of declension and disunion after the death of Joshua.  The book emphasis upon the spiritual significance of events recorded and not on chronological continuity.  The Central Message is

    Failure through compromise.   The body of the book speaks of 13 judges.  The epilogue illustrates the confusion and the depths to which Israel had sunk . Judges 17:6 gives the reason for it.  In the book of Ruth we learn that it is the period covered by the book of Judges and it’s named for its heroine, Ruth.  The central messages is the Kinsman redeemer., or Godly love.  It’s structure is Decision, service, rest and reward.   The story of Ruth speaks for itself.  Ruth’s love for Naomi, her mother in law.   The word kinsman in the Hewbrew is goel, the next of kin which is found in Leviticus 25, Numbers 35 and Deuteronomy 19 and 25.

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