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    Brooke Percy

    Joshua takes over leading the Isrealites into the Promise Land of ‘Milk and Honey’ after Moses’ death, and as he leads them across the Jordan River they begin to annihilate their enemies and foes one by one, and take down king by king or kingdom by kingdom, people by people. During his leadership I believe he lead the campaigns and overtook 30+ kings, even multiple kingdoms at a time! And it was all  by God’s hand. During this chapter is where we see the walls of Jericho fall, they also join forces with the people of Gibeon and live harmoniously amongst the Gibeonites to follow through with their promise to them. The territory gets distributed to fulfill God’s promise, and the next chapter will be the beginning of the second generations’ choices to continue keeping their promises to God on their end to live a Holier lifestyle amongst Him compared to the first.

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