Job & Psalms

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    Brooke Percy

    Job is a man who is highly favored by God and Satan challenges God by saying that if he tests him he will go against him and fall into  sin. God grants his request and Satan hits him with 4 horrible messages; yet again, Satan comes back to God and is granted to hit him with one more fatal blow. This is when Job begins to go against God and question the reasoning for his affliction and existence; birth in the first place. He has friends who also commentate, and eventually God steps in and humbles him.
    Psalms is basically 150 poems written by multiple authors over a long time span and thrown together into a collection to create a book or chapter of the Bible within the cannon. The authors include David, Solomon and Moses and though each poem had a theme and it fluctuates between ups and downs based upon the writer and what they went through we see many prophetic voices as well as a dialogue in a sense taking place between these writers and God during their lifetimes.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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