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Job & Psalms – Richard Vara

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    Richard Vara

    Psalms 51 was shared by Pastor Sheila during the Thursday evening class. I like how David was praying for forgiveness, a new heart, a loyal spirit, the willingness to obey God. He wanted the joy of following Him to return because why? His sins took that away from him. This Psalm reminded me to not just pray to God for the things I want such as unity in my family or prosperity in my finances, etc. I pray for God to continue to transform my heart so I can have a heart of compassion for His people, a servant’s heart so I may serve in His name, a mind filled with His knowledge so I may teach others about Him, His wisdom so I may lead others to follow Christ. So don’t just pray for the things I want in this life, but also pray for the things God wants me to do for Him in this life.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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