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Job & Psalms- KV

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    Kimberly Valverde

    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Job- this is such an interesting read. Job was a God fearing man who suffered great trials in life because God allowed Satan to test him. God knew Job’s heart and knew that he would pass the tests. Job’s friends came to console him during his time of grief but they ended up accusing Job of being in sin and blaming his sin, arrogance, and ignorance for all of his loss. Funny how they threw words of wisdom around and knew about the God they served, but yet they were way off target when it came to Job’s circumstance. Through it all, Job never cursed the Lord but he cried out to Him and asked Him to help him understand why this was happening to him. At the end, God speaks to Job and pretty much puts him in his place by asking him questions about His creation, questions that Job could not answer. Job realizes God is far greater than he can even fathom and he repented. God rebuked the three friends but He also allowed Job to pray for them and offer sacrifices on their behalf. Job lived 140 years after all this and was blessed with double of what he had before.</p>
    <p class=”MsoNormal”>Psalms- this book is a book of praise songs mostly written by David. The book is divided into 5 sections by worship theme. There are 150 Psalms in total. There are prophetic psalms which talk about the coming of the Messiah, His birth, death, crucifixion, resurrection, and reign. Psalms were written from human experience through divine intervention and provide for us a comfort during trials. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the bible and it reveals the heart of God; one of my favorite verses is 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”</p>

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