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    Troy Percy

    The book of job starts off talking about the character and wealth of job and how he was a good and faithful servant to God. And it went into Satan being allowed to test Job then job losing everything he owned; his children, his cattle, his wealth.. then God allowing Satan to take Job’s health but not kill him. Then job started to curse the day he was born and everything in his life. Then his friends started to try and reason and argue with Job telling him to admit his sin and that the innocent do not suffer. Job continued to go back and fourth arguing with his friend. Then it went into God speaking to Job telling him of His power and all of what he has done. Finally into job’s confession and God restoring Job’s future.
    The book of Psalms is a collective group of a hundred and fifty poems with really powerful prophetic messages on how to confide in and find refuge in the Lord. Such as how to make Him your strength, how to pray for mercy in times of trouble, how to praise God and give thanksgiving for God’s justice, prayers to God to defeat your enemies and to overthrow the wicked.. Needless to say that psalms was full of ups and downs the primary author was David but a couple other authors were Solomon, asaph and the sons of korath.


    Wendy Avila

    Amen so true and understanding comes from Job. Psalms gives many uplifting and to get through struggles in scriptures.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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