Job and Pslams

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    Mario Ahumada

    Job was a man truly after Gods heart. The devil despised this because he couldn’t touch him because he said he was protected by the Lord, so the Lord allowed the devil to test him but he couldn’t take his life. He went through many afflictions, deaths in his family loss of his live stock and he still didn’t blame God for any of this happening to him in his life. So many people tried to convince him he did something wrong to God, or even try to say turn your back on God because he is allowing this to happen to you. Job didn’t believe it for a second. You couldn’t change his faith, trust or belief in the Almighty God for nothing . Job was truly blessed and completely restored through this trying time in his life.

    Psalms is a book about praise, worship and complaining. The authors are for the most part are David. Moses and Solomon. There are many Psalms but the most famous of them all is the 23rd Psalm. Though I walk through the valley…


    Rubin Valverde

    Amen. It is great knowing that we are protected by the Lord and we must put our trust in him during trials and tribulations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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