Job and psalms

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    Miguel Sanchez



    The book of Job is eye opening to me because we see here the life of an upright man the was blessed by God and how he went through the fire and lost everything but not one curse God. Something that always use to make me curious was why did that happen to him because it seemed that he did nothing wrong but i realized that their is something that he did and in his eyes he did not see it but the scriptures say that Job said – What i feared most has come upon me – now i understand that Fear is not of God and God has not given us a spirit of Fear or timidity but one of Power, Love and a sound mind so i see how we our selfs can open the door too the spirit of fear and as we now know it gives the enemy a foothold but God is good and we see here that even if we make mistakes God is faithful and no matter how we mess up he will always lift us up when we humble our selfs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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