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    Heather Trevino

    The book of Jeremiah is a book that yes shows how faithful Jeremiah was to God. Even through persecution rejection and people wanting to kill him. He did not waiver he spoke truth in the morning to the people of Judah not his own words but the word of God. And as I read this book it was a heart of God that stood out. To see the things us as people choose to do against God even when we know he is the most faithful and amazing father and to be honest he really puts up with a lot of our selfish nonsense. It’s us who choose to reject Him. He warned his people over and over again. To hear his conversation with Jeremiah give me a new perspective on the Father I serve. To disobey Him is to hurt Him. Like every good parent discipline is needed. When you do wrong there are consequences to it The people of Judah’s consequences we’re steep because of their disobedience and rejection of God.

    Lametations Is written by Jeremiah and is the book of mourning. This book to me really shows sometimes you have to hit that rock bottom and the reflection you have on the decisions that you made. To face that in that very moment you feel as though you’ve been deserted and are now paying for those decisions you made. Now you’re in the reality of your consequence and even if it seems harsh or heavy, Our Father Loves Us. Sometimes it takes us to be at the bottom of that pit to really cry out to God. With a true repentance! The best part is he showed up for them, for me , for us! He is faithful and His word is true.  Even when He has to let us be in our mess to get it!




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