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Jeremiah, Lamentations and Ezekiel

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    Evelia McMahon


    In the book of Jeremiah, God called him to be  prophet to Israel and the nations.  He was called the weeping prophet.  He was beating and his  is life threaten for pronouncing judgement on the people.  Jeremiah warned the people of the consequences for breaking their covenant with God, but they continue in their disobedience.  Because God is so merciful, he renewed his covenant with Israel.  He transformed their heart, inscribe the law on the heart of the people so they will follow him.   God has a plan to prosper us regardless of our current difficulties.


    The book of Lamentations is a gathering of poems that  serves as a painful reminder of the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple by the Babylonians.  This was the consequence of sin for the people of Judah.  Jeremiah saw the suffering, grief and despair for Jerusalem and her people.   Judah rebelled against God, but he offered hope.  This book is a reminder that although we sin and suffer, we should not loose hope.  God is patience and if we repent, God is willing to forgive.  Because of God’s great love we are not consume.


    Ezekiel whose name means God straightens was a prophet and priest to the Jews during exile.  Ezekiel accused Israel of breaking covenant with God and pronounce judgement.  God tells Ezekiel to warned the people, although no one will listen to him.  His warnings become reality.  God goes to exile with his people.   Ezekiel see a valley of dried bones which is the spiritual state of Israel but God spirit is coming ton bring then back to life.   There is hope for Israel and all creation.  This book also reminds us not to give up.  We need to call on the lord when we are loosing hope, get in his word and trust that what he says he will do.


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