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Jeremiah & Lamentations A.M

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    Angelita Madrigal


    Jeremiah was a prophet at a young age. Though out his years of prophesy he was never taken serious. People would treat him so bad. He would be so badly abused and through out all this he still had a heart of compaction.  He cared for the people so much that he would be known as the weeping prophet, but through out all this of him being ignored, beaten, left for dead, weeping for the people he never gave up. He did not give up on trying to delivering Gods message.


    This book God is fed up with the sins of Jerusalem. It was wiped out from top to bottom. Jeremiah walked through Jerusalem and just felt the suffering and pain of this invasion that they brought upon themselves. This book is a book of mourning.  Jeremiah writes five poems which are the five chapters, Sorrow in Jerusalem, God’s anger at Sin, Hope in the Lords Faithfulness, God’s anger Satisfied, and Prayer for Restoration.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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