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    Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jeremiah was chosen before birth to be God’s prophet for His people of Jerusalem. In Jeremiah 11:18-21, Jeremiah was despised and rejected by the people of Jerusalem, they refused to turn to God with repentance. This foreshadows How Jesus was also despised and rejected by His people. In Matthew 10:32 Jesus weeps over Jerusalem reminding us that God only wanted to cover us like a mother hen to her baby chick. Jesus walked in the same compassion for God’s people as Jeremiah did, no matter how many times they rejected them. it proves how faithful the love of God we have even to this day. He is always the same GOD!
    Lamentations is the Laments of Jeremiah about the captivity of Jerusalem from Babylon. The chapters of Lamentations each have the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, being there are 22. Only in Chapter 3 is there triple the verses as the other 5 chapters in the Book.


    Louie Lopez

    <span style=”font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;”>Jeremiah has had me thinking a lot lately.  And as reading the book, stopping quite often in silence and reviewing my own commitment and even my surroundings such as family, friends and coworkers and even our own nation as a whole. First just how how is my sinful life being unrecognized.  In what areas am I just like the Northern Kingdom Israel and Judah in the south.  Are there areas that need attention?  Am I ignoring the prophets of today, pastors and mentors brothers, sisters and my own inner spirit?  Just how much sin is taking my daily life?  Do I see it increasing or do I turn the cheek and listen to that other voice in this spiritual battle?  Jeremiah confronts many with their sins, including Kings, false prophets and leaders.  Jeremiah was imprisoned thrown in a cistern and taking to Egypt.  Jeremiah often felt discouraged.  When I look today at my surroundings in the city, state and country, I too can get discouraged.  But staying connected to God, as Jeremiah did, brings me the courage to not give up.  Continue to read, pray and sing</span><span style=”font-family: Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;”><span style=”font-size: 13px;”> daily and get the strength to correct and work on fortifying my own life.  So that others can see for themselves Gods work in my life.  Jeremiah didn’t have much but he had everything thru God that he needed to become one of the greatest prophets.  </span></span>


    Lisa Carney



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    Jasmine Martinez

    Jeremiah is a prophetic book in the bible that foretells the fall of Jerusalem and Judah due to the people’s sin. The prophet Jeremiah was truly set apart as he was called to be a prophet before he was even born; however, Jeremiah faced struggles as he was not allowed to marry because of his calling and was rejected by his own people. One beautiful thing about Jeremiah’s gift and calling was that he saw hope for his people and prophesied of the Messiah-King (Jesus) and the new covenant that would be made through him.


    The Book of Lamentations is known to be a book of mourning as the prophet Jeremiah records the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet and he was heartbroken over his people’s sins and the destruction that it caused. One unique thing about the book of Lamentations is that it is written in five poems with a unique pattern. The first telling of Jerusalem’s fall, God’s anger on the people’s sin, Jeremiah’s grief, God’s anger again, and a prayer over Jerusalem. In the end, Babylon overtakes Jerusalem, but we do see God’s mercy and goodness even through this event and book.


    Valente Valenzuela

    Jeremiah, was dedicated to his ministry to the point of getting beat up, mistreated , and thrown in a ditch. His message was the forcoming judgement of God’s people because of there disobedience and disbelief.  His ministry also included massianec prophecies of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    In conclusion, God gives us warning before the fall. Therefore if you have sin in your heart repent and come clean with God. He is faithful to forgive you and make you whole again.


    Lamentation reminds me of His eternal love. Even in His anger and wrath he does not allow the enemy to wipe us out completely. His comparisons never fails and His mercy is new every morning.


    Louie Lopez

    Lamentations has me reflecting on the 9/11 tragedy 20 years ago. God’s ways are unknown to us and many ask “why?” when the 9/11 tragedy occurred and even still today ask “why?”. The fall of Jerusalem was a direct consequence of Judah’s sin and Gods judgement. Both 9/11 and the fall of Jerusalem very sorrowful tragedies, both causing so many tears. But with 9/11 we can see footage of those so desperate, jumping from hundreds of feet out of windows, you can only imagine the heat! The collapse of two monumental buildings that defined New York City and even The United States. The collapse of Jerusalem, the Mecca of Judah and through Jeremiahs words “my eyes fail from weeping, I am in torment within, my heart is poured out on the ground because my people are destroyed, because children and infants faint in the streets of the city”. You can only imagine the destruction that occurred through Gods judgement. But does anyone also think that Gods compassion can be seen and also bring hope? See I believe God can with one breath, just as He created us can destroy us and are sin completely. Why 9/11…..I don’t know but I do know that God is the way for healing and a pathway for hope, just as in Jeremiahs plea in chapter 5 of Lamentations. Gods compassion is what I believe He wants to give us, His grace to receive. We can all go through serious consequences of our sin, but we still have hope to turn from our sin and destruction and have God turn it all around for His goodness. Prayer and confession of our sin is what is needed and I believe is what God yearns for, to see His children turn from their own destruction and into His blessings!!


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    Victor Usher


    For four decades Jeremiah was ridiculed for preaching the message to the people who rejected Gods authority over their lives. Who would’ve thought getting a message from God would bring so much opposition. God had informed Jeremiah to call the people out because of their pride. The message spoken was so raw that the people took offense and imprisoned, mocked, and even persecuted Jeremiah. Gods purpose was to create a new covenant. Babylon also destroyed Jerusalem.


    God had promised to discipline Israel as a nation for refusal to keep covenant promises. God was really upset and expressed his anger on the people which in turn lead to repentance. This kind of opened my eyes a little bit on situations in my life. To see that even though Jeremiah was warning the people of what was to come, the anger of God came, and even though he wasn’t responsibile for any of it, he still suffered with the people. That’s shocking! In Lamentations 1:4 (NLT) it states, “The roads to Jerusalem are in mourning, for crowds no longer come to celebrate the festivals. The city gates are silent, her priest groan, her young women are crying, how bitter is her fate.” This looks like a very sad scene. Later on in the chapters we read that with honest and sincere repentance, the people then looked to God and prayed for mercy and restoration.


    Erika Morga

    The book of Jeremiah- God gave Jeremiah a vision and appointed him to be a prophet God told him do not be afraid for I will be with you. He appointed him to stand against nations and kingdoms. God assured Jeremiah he would be with him. The people deserted the Lord  and burnt incents to other Gods. The Lord told Jeremiah he made him strong and he would stand against the land, they will try to attack him but they will fail.  The Lord declares his plans hare to prosper and not to harm us to give us a hope and a future.

    Lamentations – Talks about the suffering and despair of Jerusalem following the destruction of the city by the Babylonians. Jerusalem was deserted,  the lord punished Jerusalem for the people’s sins, he did not show them mercy because he was angry at what sins they committed. Jeremiah also talks about the Lords faithfulness and never ending love and how the Lord his good to those who depend on him and search for him.


    Ricardo Sanchez

    God calls Jeremiah out to be a prophet to the nation of Israel and Judah to speak to them to turn their hearts back to the Lord before judgement comes.This was a hard task because God’s people had turn from following the Lord,to following the worshiping of idols ,idolatry and the practices of the sinful nations .In Jeremiah 1:4-8 The Word of the Lord came to me:I choose you before I formed you in the womb;I set you apart before you were born.I appointed you a prophet to the nations.But I protested ,”Oh no ,Lord God!Look,I don’t know how to speak”since I am only a youth.”Then the Lord said to me :Do not say “I am only a youth.”for you will go to everyone I send you to and  speak whatever I tell you.Do not be afraid of anyone,for I will be with you to rescue you.This is the Lord’s declaration.This hits home with me I used to feel unworthy to speak to my family, friends,people in the streets. I would talk myself out of speaking to people because I felt I didn’t know  how to speak ,my past mistakes, but My. God is a loving,forgiving Father who will walk with me wherever I go.                   Lamentation is a interesting book no author,but Jewish tradition believes it was written by Jeremiah.This book is about pain and suffering,bu believing and hoping in God. Lamentation 3:37-39 stats:Who is there who speaks and it happens,unless the Lord has ordained it?Do not both adversity and good come from the Most High? Why should any living person complain, any man, because of the punishment for their sins? This is also scary we must be careful when we are going through test and trials,to watch how we react and respond to the situations in life.Our Father is either disciplining us or strengthening us in our walk. Our Lord and savior knows what’s best for us,His children.


    Roberta Tyler

    The Book Of Jeremiah

    From reading The Book of Jeremiah I have come to feel that his overall message was rooted in his desire to teach God’s people, Judah that it was imperative for them to Live, Sleep and Breathe God’s covenants. Jeremiah was thought of as the Christ of the Old Testament because of his compassion and forgiveness of the people that rejected and sorely mistreated him for decades. While Jeremiah had the responsibility to bring a message of doom to the people of Judah, he also deeply loved them, and warned them that destruction was upon them because of their blatant, continually sinful lifestyles. Jeremiah was fervent about teaching the people of Judah, and beseeching them to put God ways first and foremost in their lives. While his prophecies told of the impending doom that was surely coming, his writings and warnings also spoke of how loving, merciful and forgiving God was. Jeremiah diligently spoke about repentance and the great restoration that was promised, if the masses would just listen, wholeheartedly repent, and accept God’s Laws. Jeremiah was purposeful in trying to get the people of Judah to understand that it was essential for each individual to be devoted to having a spiritual and moral relationship with God. This was a prerequisite for the coming new and unconditional covenant with God. A covenant that was key for the writing of God’s Law on everyone’s heart and the total forgiveness of sin. Jeremiah was the prophet God put in place to make way for the Holy Spirit to carry out the promise of God’s new covenant, it was Jeremiah’s faithful devotion to God that set him apart from all other prophets.

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