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    Carina Rojas

    Jeremiah was chosen to be a prophet to the nations. Although Jeremiah complained he was too young, the Lord assured him he had been chosen before he was born for such a task as this. The Lord forbid Jeremiah to get married or have children because the people form that city would die form diseases and hunger. Jeremiahs calling was so strong that even when he didn’t want to speak up about Gods prophesies for fear of the leaders retaliation, he admitted he couldn’t keep himself from obeying God,”His words burn in my heart like a fire. Its like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!” He explains. God told Jeremiah that he Had put His words in Jeremiah to stand up to the nations and kingdoms , he said some he would up root and tear down others destroy and overthrow. Others he must build up and plant. God told him to tell them EVERYTHING God told him.


    There was so much corruption in Jerusalem in those days; the prophets were lying about what God was saying there was so much adultery and the people wouldn’t turn from their sin of worshiping idols made by their own hands. The prophets would lie about what God was saying so God told Jeremiah to warn them that if they didn’t turn from their sin that he was going to give their land over to the Babylonians. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon came to harass and surround (besiege) Jerusalem. Two and a half years later the Babylonians broke down a a section of the city wall and moved in on Jerusalem. That night the people of Jerusalem fled, some were captures and the king being one of them was taken back by Nebuchadnezzer and his eyes were gouged out as he was chained captive. The town was destroyed and some of the people that were not killed were taken as exiles to Babylon. Some of the poor people were left to look after the Vineyards and fields. King Nebuchadnezzar appointed his higher officials to go and get Jeremiah out of prison and make sure was taken care of, however while he was still in prison God told Jeremiah He was going to fulfill the threats he had promised Jerusalem but he told Jeremiah not to worry as he would rescue him and keep him safe from those who he feared because he trusted God.


    In Lamentation Jeremiah mourns and pleads to God expressing that people mock Jerusalem for once being called the most beautiful and now is a place of ruins. Children were now dying from hunger. Jeremiah has cried until no more tears would fall. His heart was broken. Although Jeremiah is going through a tough time, he remains hopeful in the Lord knowing God will see him through, pleading for God for Justice from his enemies. Jeremiah continues to tell us about how the people suffered; those who used to be wealthy and in high rankings were now scrambling through garbage for food. Mothers cooked their children for meals because there was famine and they were starving. We are told the punishment is to end soon at the ending of chapter 4 as Jerusalem pleads to God for forgiveness and asks to be restored to Joy.

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