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    Brooke Percy

    Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet, and the Lord chose him to speak to Judah on His behalf. He spoke to the people of Judah about the judgement of God due to their disobedience though they would not listen to Him. God used Jeremiah to show His compassion and warning towards the people, and Jeremiah was one of God’s Faithful servants. In Jeremiah He foretold the coming of the Babylonian attack, and in Lamentations Jeremiah continues his story as Jerusalem has been invaded and completely destroyed. In Jeremiah we see the prophet wordy for himself, his people, but also wanting to serve God, and in Lamentations we see the aftermath of everything as a whole. And Jeremiah tackles and wrestles with the good that Jerusalem used to be and the evil of Babylonia that has overcome it.

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