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Jeremiah & Lamentations

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    James McGilberry

    Jeremiah was known as the “weeping” prophet and the reason why Jerimiah was weeping.  Because he was weeping/shedding tears.  Over

    the sins 0f his people.  Jeremiah was born at a troubled time in biblical history.  The nation of Israel was divided in 975BC and King

    Jeroboam.  Was leading Israel and the Northern Kingdom had lost God’s protection!  Due to their disobedience to God.  The Northern

    Kingdom was also conquered by the Assyrians in 721BC.   As a result of the Assyrians conquering the Northern Kingdom.  Most of the

    inhabitants was conquered by the Assyrians and they were forced into slavery or captivity.  Jerimiah served as God’s prophet and in the last

    days of Judah,  and Jeremiah delivered God’s messages of warning. Even though Jeremiah preached for forty years.  The people of  Judah

    did not repent or turn from their evil ways!   The book of Lamentations is the pinnacle or climax of these prophesies.  The book of

    Lamentations is a testimony to the sure fulfillment of God’s promised judgements.  Yet the book of Lamentations does offer hope and it

    gives us a glimpse of God’s forgiving heart.  The book of Lamentations shows us that God will forgive and relive the sufferings of his people!

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