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Jeremiah and Lamentatations

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    Stephanie Shook

    Jeremiah was known as the  weeping prophet or the prophet of the broken heart he had a tough job he was to tell Gods people that if they did not turn from their evil ways they would be sentenced to slavery under a foreign power. For 40 years he spoke but no one listened no one changed but he stayed obedient couragouse and faithful to spreading Gods message. His relationship with God showed in every thing he did.

    Lamentations this book looks back on the destruction of Jerusalem the Babylonian army utterly destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. The name Lamentations is a Greek word meaning “to cry aloud” the word refers to deep grief. Jeremiah wept because the people rejected their God Now Gods judgment has fallen on them. This book remind us that God has not abandoned us His faithfulness if a great comfort to those who suffer

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