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    Claudia Rodriguez

    Isaiah wrote this book.  He told people what God had said. It is the final section of the Old Testament.  The first section of the Old Testament is 17 in number, falling into subdivisions of five books – Law Redemptive, Historial and Twelve books Historical.   The middle books  are Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon.  The last 17 are prophecy and fall into subdivison of twelve and five.  Five- Major prophets and twelve, minor prophets.   Prophet means “one who speaks in place of another”.  Prophecy is a matter of foretelling.   It is declaring a truth by the inspiration of God.  Declaring of the future which can only be by the direct inspiration of God.  It also mentions about the qualifications of a Prophet.   The Central message of Isaiah- “A throne”, “A Lamb”.  In the 6th chapter we have a description of God’s call in the life of Isaiah: That produced conviction and confession, He was forgiven and cleansed, He heard God’s call, He offered Himself for service, He was commissioned to serve.

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