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    Jaime Ahumada

    Isaiah is a book of god’s judgment and salvation. God is the one who must punish his rebellious people but afterward will redeem them. Isaiah was thought of as the prince of prophets and spent most of his life Jerusalem. Enjoying his greatest influence under King Hezekiah. Isaiah tell the people of Israel to seek repentance He criticizes Israel for failing to to obey the Lord. God will have compassion on his people and will rescue them from spiritual oppression.


    Moses Guzman

    The book of Isaiah talks about an incoming judgment and also talks about a hope for the people. Isaiah was a prophet who spoke on behalf of God and warned the leaders over and over again of their foolishness alliances that would eventually backfire on them. Also, Isaiah warned the leaders that all their wickedness would come with a cost. Despite all the incoming judgement Isaiah did give them a ray of hope that God would send a someone under the family line of King David. Rebellion, idolatry and injustice were one of the main reasons as to why they were going to be facing judgement from God. The book also spoke about the fall of Babylon because they wanted to ascent to the Heavens. During the entire book Isaiah would constantly tell the leaders that for them to be saved they had to repent and trust God.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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