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    Maricela Lopez

    The book of Isaiah is so well rounded it includes the judgement of God, His Grace, His promised King and the millennial reign. In the chapters of Judgement Isaiah is called and willing to take the message to his people so they might repent these warnings are so vivid that they should scare anyone straight, yet they continued on and were led captive to Babylon. God knew that the people would not listen yet He is merciful and promises them the Messiah (God’s anointed) that will redeem them in a very accurate prophesy in chapter 53 that was fulfilled by Jesus Christ. In the same manner we should take these warnings to heart that we would not disobey and be led captive by the enemy, just the same we don’t want to waste the grace given us by God though His Son that was bought for us at a very high price.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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