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II Timothy – I KNOW who I BELIEVE and what HE is ABLE to DO!

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    In the middle of a dank and dark dungeon, part of Romes sewer system, full of filth and shrouding the inhabitants in darkness and a putrid stench, sat Paul, awaiting execution and writing what would be his last communication with his brethren.  He had to “bring home the message” and complete his mission.  He had little time.  The verses written give us a portrait of who Paul was, Preacher, Example, Prophet, and Prisoner, but even more so, who he KNEW God to be and what He could and would do.  He gave instructions to Timothy that would carry him through after Paul’s life was poured out.  Don’t be afraid – our God has given us POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND.  I am praying for you, son.  I long to see you.  I have confidence in you.  Stir up your gifts, don’t be ashamed, hold onto the sound doctrine I and your mother and grandmother have taught you.  He gives him clear ideas how to do all of that and really, who he would be dealing with that would come against him.  Then he charged him to take care of the church, warned him what the last days would bring and then gave him his “deathbed testimony.”  Church legend says he was crucified.  Just like the one in whom he believed because he KNEW God would turn his death into life . . . and so we are here living for Jesus today.


    Sorry, CORRECTION: Church legend says Paul was beheaded in Rome.  Still, he died for his faith, just as his Savior did.


    God’s glory showed itself true through the new life we have in Christ Jesus. Thanks to Paul’s teaching to Timothy growing us and strengthening us despite our filth. No shadow of shame will darken our face no more! hallelujah!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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