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    Troy Percy

    Into the book of first chronicles is largely a retelling of the book of the first and second Samuel it starts off with a recap of the genealogy of the tribes of Israel and Judah. Then it goes into the reign of king Saul and his tragic end. David being made king over an Israel, the growing of his army and now they brought the ark. The ultimately placed the ark at the tabernacle in Jerusalem; God’s covenant with David into David preparing to build the temple getting all the supplies needed to build it and Solomon instructed to build the temple himself. He is anointed as king and finally the death of king David.

    The book of second chronicles behind with Solomon’s request for wisdom from God and God granting his request then preparing him to build the temple. How Solomon built the temple with all this detail and bringing the ark of the covenant to the temple. He dedicates the temple then it goes in to talk about Solomon’s great wealth and all that he did up until his death. The split of Israel and Judah, the attack from Egypt and all the kings of Judah are derailed down through the last king who is exiled in Babylon.

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